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Bistro Salads
Served with homemade Parmesan cheese crostini
Granny Smith Apple Salad
Organic mixed greens, red onion, green apples, gorgonzola, candied walnuts, house-made apple cider vinaigrette
Beet and Arugula Salad
Organic arugula, roasted beets, gorgonzola, candied walnuts, with house made balsamic vinaigrette
LaBella Cobb Salad
Romaine, chicken, avocado, carrots, red onion, hard-boiled egg, smoked bacon, cheddar, house-made ranch
Blues Steak Salad
Grilled steak, romaine, red onion, fresh mushrooms, carrots, gorgonzola, dried cranberries, house-made balsamic vinaigrette
Served with homemade Parmesan cheese crostini
Caesar Salad
Romaine, parmesan, house-made croutons and Caesar dressing
Salad alla Giardino
Organic mixed greens, carrots, tomato, roasted red peppers, black olives, pepperoncini
small  $5.00
large  $8.00
Antipasto Platter
Romaine, tomato, black olives, red onion, artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, Italian meats and cheese, roasted vegetables, house-made balsamic vinaigrette
Serves 2  $14.00
Chicken  $4.00
Steak  $6.00
Salmon  $5.00
Calamari  $5.00
Shrimp  $5.00
Extra Sides
Blue Cheese  $.75
Ranch  $.75
Caesar  $.75
Gorgonzola  $1.5